Common Household Items That Will Leave Your House Super Clean


HAPPY EARTH DAY! In honor of Earth Day (and our health), I want to talk about natural cleaning products that you probably already have laying around your house. It helps cut down on spreading toxins in our environment and gives us another way to reuse things.

Last week, I was cleaning out my bath tub and it just wasn’t getting clean enough for me! I didn’t have any coarse scrubbing sponges and the one I was using was way too smooth to get the job done. I pull everything out of my kitchen for my bath and body routine — coffee, vinegar, oatmeal… you would think I prepare meals in my bathroom. That, on top of the mounds of conditioner I use in my hair, one bath will have me embarrassed for anyone to see my bathtub.

So I grabbed some baking soda and sprinkled that all over my tub and that worked just as good as the ammonia my mom used to pull out on her cleaning sprees. To this day, I hate the smell of ammonia, but that’s neither here, nor there.

I also love using vinegar to clean my mirrors. It gets them so clean! I bought some white vinegar once for a recipe and this huge bottle was just chilling in my fridge… until I discovered that it makes an AMAZING window cleaner. I’ve even used it to clean my car windows!

Another kitchen item I’ve used while cleaning is leftover citrus! I love simmering lemon, lime, orange and grapefruit peels in a pot of water on the stove to make the house smell good. I also wipe my kitchen sink out with leftover lemons to give the kitchen an extra touch of freshness when I clean.

For more natural cleaning tips, check out this article on 17 all-natural spring cleaning tricks for the kitchen. If you try any of my favorite natural cleaning tips, I’d love to know how they worked out for you! Let me know in the comments below or on Twitter @grassfedcharlie! Also, find me on Instagram @grassfedcharlie@grassfedcharlie!

Bonus: Mrs. Meyers Clean Day is my FAVORITE non/low toxin household cleaner. Their products incorporate aromatherapy, which I love!

CHARLIE’S JAM OF THE WEEK: Gil Scott-Heron – Did You Hear What They Said

Gil Scott-Heron is one of my favorites. I love his voice, the production of his music, his spoken word… all of it is just perfect and pretty much any time is a good time to listen to him.

In high school, Kanye West was my absolute favorite artist of all time, so I spent a lot of time then going back and listening to all of the samples he used. That’s how I discovered Gil Scott-Heron. I first heard him on Common’s “My Way Home” and fell in love.

CHARLIE’S JAM OF THE WEEK: Made In Heights – Slow Burn

I’m pretty sure I found this song on Spotify at some point of another. That’s my main place for discovering new music. I love this song. Her voice is so soothing and the beat makes you feel so good. This is one of those songs you play to start your day or while you’re cleaning up around the house on a sunny day.

What song are you loving right now? Let me know in the comments!

CHARLIE’S JAM OF THE WEEK: Sara Bareilles – She Used To Be Mine

This song is specially chosen because my friend DJ felt that my readers would appreciate the lyrics to the song. Enjoy!


I’m not really sure when or how I found this song, because I really don’t listen to Coldplay much — but it’s one of my favorite songs. I could listen to this on repeat all day long.

What’s your favorite Coldplay song?

Yes, You Can Be Healthy and Still Be Curvy!


I hear from a lot of my fellow ladies that they want to eat healthy or workout, but “I don’t want to lose my butt!” That absolutely does not have to be the case. If you’re going to the gym and running for an hour everyday and living off of a celery diet, then, you might just lose your butt. However, it’s very possible to have a clean diet and work out regularly and still be curvy.

Disclamer: By no means, am I built like Amber Rose, but I still have a little shape going on.

Erykah Badu was a vegan at one point and she’s now a vegetarian and she’s thicker than one of Patti Labelle’s sweet potato pies! The key to working out and remaining curvy is lifting weights! Lifting weights builds muscle, cardio more so burns fat. Exercises like running, biking and the elliptical will give you a little strength training, but they mainly burn fat. You want to lift weights to keep your thighs thick and help to build you butt — nice sized weights, too! Don’t worry. You won’t be “buff” or “manly”. Women aren’t even genetically built to get as muscular as easily as men do. Trust me.

As far as diet, you can eat clean and still consume foods that will help you either gain or maintain weight. There are healthy fats like hummus, nut butters and avocados. Then, you can’t forget your sweet potatoes and grains!

I know everyone’s body is different, so it’s definitely important to listen to your body. I also realize that with working out and eating healthy, the body is naturally bound to lose fat and lean out. However, if your goal is to eat healthy and workout, but to still be curvy, lean more towards strength training exercises and healthy fats and I promise you won’t lose that booty!

Happy Holidays from Grassfed Charlie!

christmas card.pngAside from everything natural, one of my favorite things is art. I love consuming art and I love creating. In turn, I spend a lot of time learning about graphic design.

I haven’t had any formal training yet, and most things I’ve learned are self-taught, which I’m really proud of. I mean, besides this here blog, I have something to show for ALWAYS being on the internet.

So a few weeks ago, I joked to one of my old coworkers, who’s a graphic designer that I can’t do Christmas cards until I have a family, because it’s a bit obnoxious to send people a photo of yourself for the holidays and he introduced me to the “single girl” Christmas card, which I thought was hilarious and a fun excuse to play in Photoshop.

I had so much fun making this and I’m definitely making Christmas cards a tradition!

Oddly enough, it kind of played off of the “green smoothie with a shot of vodka” thing. You can get the full story on the meaning behind that here, but in short, it was a play on how I talk about creating a balance by lighting incense, drinking tea and playing trap music simultaneously. For me, a healthy, spiritual lifestyle doesn’t mean you can no longer have fun. Sometimes it’s okay to go out and eat ten slices of pizza or have that shot of vodka.😉

So what’s in store for next year for I’ve had this blog since 2012 and I’ve been blogging in general for about six years, but this is the most consistent blog I’ve had. This year, I’ve been working on feeling out what works for me and posting on a more consistent basis. So next year, I will continue to post more and more frequently. I’m working on hosting so that I can offer more to my readers and I also have a little project that I’m working on that will supplement the blog perfectly!

Are there any topics you’d like to see covered on the blog in the new year? I’d love to write about them! Let me know in the comments.

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Thanks for reading. Happy holidays!

CHARLIE’S JAM OF THE WEEK: Alabama Shakes – Don’t Wanna Fight

I was skimming through the 58th Annual Grammy Award nominees and saw that Don’t Wanna Fight No More by Alabama Shakes was nominated for Best Rock Performance and Best Rock song and it reminded me that this was definitely one of my favorite songs this year. I could seriously listen to it for hours on end and not get tired of it!

5 Black Female Instagram Accounts That Will Inspire You to Be Healthy


I love following people on social media who inspire me. This means that at any given point throughout the day, I’m seeing photos and posts that are constantly reminding me of my goals and pushing me to achieve them.

I’ve got to say, following inspiring people on social media has been an integral part of not only my fitness journey, but my overall holistic journey.

I want to share some of my favorite black female Instagram accounts that constantly inspire me to be healthy.

Massy Arias

When I first followed her page, I was so amazed by her beautiful yoga poses. She’s constantly sharing fitness tips with her followers on meal prepping, workout plans, workout gear and more! She’s shared how fitness helped her with depression. Also, she incorporates her Dominican heritage by translating all of her captions!

Francheska Medina

Fran will have you so inspired to get your life together in so many ways. She promotes mental health, healthy eating, DIY body care products — you name it! I love that she debunks the stereotype that vegans/vegetarians are “frail.” She recently started a podcast with two friends called The Friend Zone.

Lita Lewis

Lita Lewis will inspire you to get into the gym and kick butt!  She promotes being #thickfit and shows that women can lift weights and still be sexy and curvy. She also shares tips on weight training and eating healthily, as well as videos demonstrating different workouts.

Maya Washington

Shameless Maya is a woman of so many talents, but she regularly promotes self-care and inspires her following to be confident and go out there and LIVE! Also, she has a Youtube channel where she sometimes shares simple healthy recipes. One thing that makes Maya unique, is that she’s always shared ways to incorporate being fit and active into every day life.

Ms. Vaughn

Art show last night. ❤️

A photo posted by Vaughn (@msvaughntv) on

Ms. Vaughn is a natural hair blogger, but you can always catch her posting workout photos and sharing her healthy meals. She recently transitioned to a vegan diet and recently shared a vegan soul food photo that had me drooling!

My favorite thing about these women, is that they all break the typical image we have of “healthy gurus” and it’s so motivating to see interesting, everyday women show so many different faces of a healthy lifestyle. What Instagram accounts are your favorites to motivate you to be healthy? Do you have a particular healthy focus right now? Mental? Physical? Diet? Let me know in the comments! Also, find me on Twitter and Instagram!

5 Ways to EASILY Become A Vegetarian

vegetarian copy

New Year’s Day is right around the corner, which means a lot of us are getting our goals in order!

I am very pro New Year’s resolution, because any time I see people motivated to make positive changes in their lives, I get all warm and fuzzy inside and filled with joy.

A lot of people have the goal of becoming a vegetarian, but it’s hard to stick to for many reasons. Some people believe a vegetarian diet is boring and expensive, and some of us simply couldn’t imagine turning down a bacon cheeseburger!

I’ve transitioned into a vegetarian diet and along the way, I’ve picked up tips on transitioning into a vegetarian diet without spending a lot of money. Here are some cheap and easy ways to transition into a vegetarian diet.

  1. Learn about the vegetarian diet: A think one of the biggest misconceptions about vegetarian diets is that it’s boring and you’ll be reduced to eating kale for the rest of your life. Not true! There’s so much variety in a vegetarian diet. Once you learn all of the options there are, things will be much easier, which brings me to my next point. Another concern is, “Where am I going to get my protein?” There are so many other ways to easily get protein without eating meat. You can get protein from nuts, beans, peanut butter, Greek yogurt and so much more. You can find more plant-based protein options here! Also, you can learn a lot more about these misconceptions by checking out videos on Youtube, reading books and watching documentaries and you’ll find that a lot of the things we believe about meat-free diets are simply not true. Did you know that most Americans actually get a lot more protein than we need in a day anyway?
  2. Stick to what you love!: Becoming a vegetarian doesn’t mean you’re stuck eating nothing but fruits and vegetables to for the rest of your life! I have continued to eat my favorite meals, and just found ways to make them meatless. For instance, I LOVE tacos. I could eat nothing but tacos every day for the rest of my life! When transitioning into becoming a vegetarian, I didn’t dare stop eating tacos! You can use beans, tofu, potatoes or tempeh to replace the meat. I try not to eat processed food, but sometimes cravings call and BELIEVE ME when I say that Morning Star’s “ground beef” crumbles taste so much like ground beef, I honestly believe I could feed it to someone and they would never even know that it’s not meat. A lot of meals don’t even need substitutes. For example, one of my favorite things to eat is lasagna. I make my lasagna the exact same way as I did before, but I make cheese lasagna instead. Of course, there are tons of recipes with veggie infused lasagnas, but when transitioning, a lasagna with meat replaced with a bunch of vegetables does not sound appealing at all.
  3. TRANSITION: For some people, cold turkey works perfectly well. Personally, I find it easier to gradually transition into major changes. When transitioning to a vegetarian diet, I slowly cut meat out. At first, I decided I wasn’t eating pork anymore, so I cut out pork for two weeks. Then, I cut out beef two weeks later. In another two weeks, I cut out turkey and chicken. Then, you guessed it, in another two weeks, I had cut out seafood. You don’t have to follow my two week formula, but I just happen to grocery shop every two weeks. Take as much or as little time as you need to, to gradually cut different meat groups out of your life.
  4. Make vegetables your best friend: Wanna know something? I wasn’t a fan of fruits OR vegetables when I decided to become a vegetarian. So every grocery trip, I would get a new fruit and vegetable and experiment with incorporating them into my meals. Sometimes, it took a few tries to get to like a fruit or vegetable, but most produce I give a fair chance to, I end up loving. I thought I’d never be able to like mushrooms, but I experimented with cooking them different ways (and chopping them really small) and now I put them in everything!
  5. Find motivation: The best way to create a habit is to create a reward. A reward gives you something to look forward to when you stick to your goals. For me, I was on a journey to be physically fit when I transitioned into being a vegetarian and seeing my body lean out so easily kept me motivated. Also, documentaries like Forks Over Knives, Food Inc., Hungry For Change and Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead helped me A LOT with staying motivated to cut meat out of my diet. Seeing how meat and unhealthy diets affect not only my body and animal rights, but also the environment and world hunger, I couldn’t help but to stay motivated, as I had grown a passion for these causes.

With these tips, I believe you’ll EASILY transition into a vegetarian diet! Make this a fun journey! Use it as an opportunity to try new foods and cook the foods you already love differently. Follow different vegetarian Instagrams for inspiration and tips.

Have you transitioned into a vegetarian diet before? What helped you stay on track? Are you looking to become a vegetarian? What are your personal reasons for the change? I’d love to know! Let me know in the comments below!

Also, find me on Instagram and Twitter.🙂